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KUNTNER Wilhelm & Co. sas
Via della Rena 6 - 39100 Bolzano (Italy)
Tel. +39 0471 97 56 76
Tel. +39 0471 05 38 38
Fax +39 0471 05 38 39

VAT id: IT01189120213
E-Mail: kuntner@top-for-job.com

Opening times of the retail store:
Mo-Fr: 09:00-12:00 15:00-19:00
Sa: 09:00-12:00

Opening times of the wholesale:
Mo-Fr: 09:00-12:00 15:00-17:00

Top Service

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In addition to our range of professional, safety and leisure time clothing, we also offer the following services:
Personalization (Corporate Identity)

We are able to apply different logos, trademarks or names on all our products. We offer the following possibilities: silk-screen printing, transfer, embroidered logo, name bands and computerized embroiderings. You can read more about it here.

One of our strengths is flexibility, especially as far as specific requests are concerned (minimum quantity required).
Right to change

The customer has got the right to change the goods within 14 day from the date of purchase. The goods must be returned in their original packaging and must not have been used or damaged. Personalized goods cannot be returned.
Small tailor work

Pick-up and delivery service included.
Promotions and special initiatives

Periodically we offer our customers promotions and interesting offers at very favourable prices. Follow this link to the special offers!

Do you want to keep up-to-date about current initiatives, new products, news and information of general interest? Please ask for our newsletter: topcontact@top-for-job.com